The Incredibly Spaced-Out Adventures of Jupiter Jackson
is the first comedy sketch album by acclaimed kids/family music artist, Eric Herman.  Best known for his music videos (over 50 million views online), Eric brings an amazing level of variety, depth and clever storytelling to this collection.  Especially geared towards upper-elementary kids with a smart and geeky sense of humor, this album includes a lot of brilliant comedy and meta humor that will also appeal to grown-ups who have an appreciation for things like Monty Python, Thrilling Adventure Hour, SNL, NPR, Dr. Demento, The Simpsons and The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd.

In addition to Eric's great narration and character voices, the album also features notable guest appearances by Keith and Ezra of the legendary Trout Fishing in America, poet laureate Kenn Nesbitt, John Hadfield,
Eric Summerer, Rick Huddle, Emily Flegal, Roger Day and more.
Eric Herman
All content is the intellectual property of Eric Herman.  All rights reserved.
Illustrations by Yik Sen Tatt. 
Illustrations of Frankenstein and Four-Armed Man by Adrian Nitisor.
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Available in Small, Medium,
Large and Eric Herman.

"Electrical Storm" PDF form: CLICK HERE
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"Children will delight at the sheer silliness,
and adults will appreciate the references,
as well as the style and talent of Herman's delivery."
"There's a welcome wry thoughtfulness to Herman's jump cuts and fast edits.
For kids, or kids at heart."
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