Herman writes hilariously catchy songs for the elementary school crowd.” -Time Out Kids

Eric Herman is a salty and savory artist/musician dude who creates highly original songs, shows, and videos intended for human kids and their families (but dogs, trees, and extraterrestrials seem to like them, too). Eric's music videos, led by hits like "The Elephant Song," "Googly Eyes," “Ants in Your Pants #99,” and "Monster in My House," have amassed over 100 million views worldwide. That’s a lotta eyeballs.

Eric lives in Walla Walla, Washington (which is a real place full of wineries, breweries, and sweet onioneries). He has logged 3,000+ performances around the U.S., with 2,999+ of them not involving his foot getting stuck in a chair. Eric’s shows are bursting with comedy and creativity, and feature the musical and vocal shenanigans of Eric and his band, The Puppy Dogs (Puppy Dog Dave Pettey and Puppy Dog Ben Macy).

In 2022, Eric released Magic Beans, his ninth album (and first in six years), and debuted a Magic Beans stage show, described as "a musical, theatrical, magical, and beanical experience." Eric is currently writing and producing an indie film titled Eric Herman and the Invisible Band, which he says will be something like “the Spinal Tap of children's music."

L-R: Puppy Dog Ben, Sir Eric Herman III Esq., Puppy Dog Dave