A Musical, Theatrical, Magical, and Beanical
Family Experience.

MAGIC BEANS combines the

adventurous and eclectic kids' music
of Eric Herman and the Puppy Dogs
with eye-popping video projections

and creative interlude sketches
that build on the absurd
and the existential.

"Can I come back to see this tomorrow?!" - Kid

"Wow! That was really deep." - Adult

"One of the funnest things I've ever taken my kids to. We had an amazing time." - Adult

"It was so good! A lot of cool tricks." - Kid

Magic Beans is coming to The Little Theatre of Walla Walla, Nov. 22-23, 2024. More info soon!

Previous productions of Magic Beans were at the Princess Theatre in Prosser, WA, March 17-20, 2022, and at the Uptown Theatre in Richland, WA, November 17-29, 2022, and April 21-22, 2023.


Pictures and video footage are from the March 2022 and November 2022 productions of Magic Beans. Images by Miles Gamble.



Publicist: Elizabeth Waldman Frazier


"Herman’s ninth album was worth the wait...  A surefire crowd ­pleaser to take along on that next family road trip." - Veronica Schwartz De Fazio, School Library Journal

 “Magic Beans is an artsy rock album for the whole family. Inspired by classic greats like Pink Floyd, The Police, Kate Bush, and more, these original songs are delightfully trippy, emotionally creative, and encourage the listener to expand the horizons of their imagination. Highly recommended!”  - Midwest Book

"The genre of children’s music is a better place when Eric Herman is an active contributor... Herman has learned to cram a lot of references and asides into his songs, which means kids will need at least two listens to interpret and appreciate the elaborate playfulness it takes to make these songs sound so distinctively 'Eric Herman.'" - Jeffrey Cohen,

“A certified left fielder with a skewed sense of humor that proceeds fearlessly while remaining family friendly, this bunch is what would happen if Zappa had traded in jazz from hell for kid music. Solid stuff that's a treat for kids of all ages.” - Midwest Record

"Eric Herman's ninth album of kids/family music brings psychedelic art rock to songs that can speak to 7 year-olds as well as their Beatles and Radiohead loving parents. Magic Beans deftly bridges the mystical with the comedic, resonating with creative arrangements, catchy hooks, and sublime musicianship." - Amazon Music

"Some deep existential thought... sure to form the foundation of many discussions among audiences of all ages." - Phil's Picks

"Somewhere in the confluence of Shel Silverstein, Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia, Jack Black, and Mr. Rogers." - Frontview Magazine

"What the world needs now is more Eric Herman. Delightfully meta... The song and video operate on several levels." - Jeffrey Cohen, (about "Side Scroller" video)

The Videos