How long is the show?

From the opening announcements to the final curtain call, the run time is 95-100 minutes. There is no intermission.

What time are the school performances?

Start times for the weekday school performances (Apr. 20-21) are flexible, and will be determined based on the preference of the attending schools.

How many students can attend?

There is room and seating for up to 250.

What ages/grade-level is the show suited for?

The ideas and humor in Magic Beans are best appreciated by the upper range of elementary students (grades 3-5), but the show also works very well for K-2 and some pre-K.

What educational content is in the show?

First and foremost, Magic Beans is an incredibly entertaining and unique experience, combining multiple types of performance; musical, physical, theatrical, comical, and visual. But the show also includes thought-provoking ideas about science, physics, space, and time, as well as important life stuff like self-worth, imagination, and appreciation for the wonder of our existence. The songs and scenes are also great examples of creative writing and language, reflecting Eric's influences like Shel Silverstein, Stephen Sondheim, Dr. Seuss, Monty Python, and The Beatles. And Eric and Ben and Dave are top-notch musicians; each showcasing their chops during the show, along with tight vocal harmonies and fun character voices.

Is there a lot of screen-time in the show?

There are some songs and scenes where video projections are a prominent feature of the presentation, but also songs and scenes where they are not used at all, or are being used more as scenery or background atmosphere. Regardless, for a 95-100 minute show, there's a lot less screen-time than, say, a movie.

Are there supplemental materials?

Yes. Your school will receive a PDF file for a "quiz" that teases some of the concepts in the show in a funny way.

Can we have a Q&A after the show with the cast and crew?


Footage from previous productions of MAGIC BEANS:
(March 17-19, 2022; Princess Theatre, Prosser, WA.)
(November 17-19, 2022; Uptown Theatre, Richland, WA.)